How To Get Sign Ups From Your Ads

Have you post a free ad online to several places and not getting no result? Or do you get tons of traffic to your website and not received a single signup?  Sending a bunch of traffic to a particular website or affiliate link does not always convert to signups or customers. 

The mistake most Internet Marketers or Affiliates makes is sending traffic without tracking their Ads. It is important to always track your Ads. Tracking your website allows you to see which traffic is bad, fake or good.  

Getting lots of traffic is a great way to grow your business.  However, sending tons of bad website traffic can also hurt your online business. I have been marketing online for over 6 years and I discover that this is very critical when it comes to advertising your website.  

There are two free ad tracking tools I highly recommend. The first one is hitsconnect. This ad tracking tool allows free members to track up to 10 websites. Click here to get create a free account.  

Secondly, I also recommend LeadsLeap.  Leadsleap also offer a great free ad tracking tool that allow free members to detect real visitors vs fake ones. You can create a free  account at leadsleap by clicking here.  LeadsLeap have been online since 2008.

Traffic Tip: Traffic Exchanges.

When using traffic exchanges it is best to only uses a splash page or squeeze page instead of your affiliate link to get viewer attention. Most traffic exchange timer is only 10 secs or less. Therefore, you only have a few seconds to grab the viewer attention. Do not have a squeeze page?  Click here to create your own instant free squeeze page. 

Another effective way to advertise on traffic exchange sites is to take advantage of the the text ads and banner ads that are offer inside most traffic exchanges. When a visitor see a banner ad and click on it, most likely they are more interested in the offer and they will take the time to check out your website more than just looking at it through a 10 second timer. Therefore, It is recommended that you take more advantages of the banner ads and text ads within the traffic exchange sites. 

Traffic Tip:  Safelist

Since I started advertising on safelist, I've notice that I get more sign ups from safelist sites than traffic exchange.  What are safelist? Safelist is a "mailing list" of members who opt-in to receive email ads from other members of the same (safelist) mailing list. In exchange for members viewing other members emails(ads), they receive ad "credits" which allows them to post their own offer, program, or opportunity to the list.

Safelist sites gives great results, but not all. It's best to do your research and only use the best safelist sites that bring more signups. There is a program that help internet marketers search become easier in finding the best performing  safelist sites. This program is call Traffic Hoopla.  Traffic Hoopla give regular testing reports on a weekly or daily basis.

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