Become A SafeList Expert.

If you are not familiar with Safelist Marketing, I highly recommend you
get Jerry Lannucci's FREE eBook. His eBook will give you basic
training on how to effectively use safelist to get tons of traffic to 
your website. Click here to download Jerry's eBook.

Here are some tools below I've used that help me
to get tons of free traffic from safelist.

 VM Pay Day
This tool manage where to send out emails each day. Every single one of the 35+ mailers can be opened and emails sent out directly from vmpayday without ever leaving the site. There are also some additional secret tools that make earning credits on mailers a LOT easier! 

Referral Frenzy
Mail To 110 Top Sites... A Couple Clicks! Referral Frenzy gives you the ability to mail to 110+ top sites with just a few clicks! You will receive 89,200 mailer credits, 16,950 surf credits, 224,600 banner credits and 224,600 texts credits from 110+ sites. Click here to watch a short video review by Jeff Aman.


This Tool Multiply Your Traffic And Profits By AS Much As 10 Times... 
Click here to watch a short video review by Jeff Aman.


Are your organization skills poor? Let us show you how to maximize your 
List Builder/Safelist emails with this tool!


Tired of missing mailings?  Mailer Ninja will help you keep track of all your 
mailers so you never miss a mailing again.

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